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Why Every Business Should Use Virtual Auto Attendants

Virtual auto attendants provided incredible value to the telecommunications networks of businesses. However, many business owners may be unaware of the ways an auto attendant could benefit their company. As a VoIP reseller, it's your responsibility to educate clients on the ways certain phone features can enhance and grow their business. By spotlighting the virtual auto attendant feature, you can increase the satisfaction of your end user by providing them with an indispensable service, which will enhance their company's growth.

Reduce Labor and Save Money

There was a time when all phone calls were transferred to operators who manually redirected calls to individual lines. While some companies still rely on operators, they are rapidly becoming obsolete, and for good reason. With a virtual auto attendant, businesses can do away with the operator, thereby minimizing labor, optimizing efficiency, and significantly enhancing their personal profits. The costs involved in maintaining operators led many companies to outsource the work, which only aggravated consumers by creating an influx of miscommunications.

Simplify the User Experience

Callers often prefer auto attendants to live operators due to the miscommunications that can occur when speaking with a live representative. An automated attendant provides clear and concise directions to the caller, which significantly reduces errors and enhances the customer experience. Additionally, it can improve efficiency among callers, as once they've memorized their party's extension, they can skip the automation and have their call directly transferred.

Improve Professionalism

An auto attendant delivers precisely the same message time and time again, providing callers with a sense of consistency andprofessionalism, so they always know what to expect. It eliminates human errors and miscommunications, which further improves the efficiency for both the caller and receiver.

Provides More Versatility and Customization

With automated calling features, the business has complete control when customizing their phone routing. For instance, if the first line leads to an available customer service representative, they could have the call routed to numerous phones simultaneously, while still ensuring other lines route to specific individuals. All calls can also be transferred to the extensions voicemail, should the caller wish to avoid talking to a live person. With a standard operator, such versatility was impossible, which made the caller's experience more frustrating and reduced the overall company efficiency. Should any alterations need to be made to the routing, the changes can be made quickly and easily. Business owners can also create custom greetings, such as wishing callers a happy holiday, and program the system so that those greetings update automatically. Virtual auto attendants have revolutionized the way callers reach their desired extensions. It has streamlined the calling process, helping to minimize human errors, increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance the experience of the caller. While all of these traits are desirable to business owners, many businesses are unaware of the benefits auto attendants can provide. As a VoIP reseller, it's important to highlight the innumerable perks of this feature to your clients, so they can provide their own customers with a higher level of care.

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