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Q: What are the benefits of switching to a hosted telephone system?
A: A hosted telephone system is a complete business solution including calling plans, and all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, plus enhanced flexibility, scalability, significant cost savings and advanced features. 


Q: How does a hosted telephone system work?
A: Your telephone lines are ported to our network and hosted on our secure server. Your lines and extensions are then sent through the Internet to your network equipment and phones on site.


Q: What happens if my Internet connection goes down?
A:  We usually recommend having redundant Internet connections from different providers, but even if you don't, your calls will automatically stay contained within your voicemail system allowing callers to leave voicemail. We can also forward your calls to any telephone number including your cell phone until your Internet service is working again.


Q: Can I keep my existing phone number?
A: Absolutely!  We handle porting your existing phones numbers (including toll-free) to our system and can even sell you new numbers if you need more.

Q: Do you provide fax services?
A: As a matter of fact we do!  We offer inbound to email PDF faxing, and sending is as easy as sending an email.


Q: How is your service different from the national VoIP providers I have read about?
A: The big, national providers rely on the “sell, ship and pray”method of implementing a hosted telephone service.

This means they sell you the service, ship your phones, and pray that they work. Engaging Oregon Phone Systems does make a difference! We analyze your local area network (LAN) along with the quality of your Internet connection (WAN) and make recommendations to ensure that your call quality will be near perfect.  We will properly configure your firewall (edge device) for VoIP traffic, or advise you if you need an upgrade before using VoIP.  We then personally install all of your new phones and provide hands-on training for your employees.


Q: What phones are supported? Will my current phones work with your system?
A: Oregon Phone Systems offers a wide range of SIP phones from Yealink and Polycom. If you're currently using another hosted telephone provider and have phones from these vendors, chances are you can use them with us.  Otherwise, we will help you select the right phones for your business needs.


Q: Do I have to purchase a minimum number of phones/seats? Do you provide service for home users?
A: We provide our hosted telephone solution only to businesses at this time.  We do require you to have a need for at least 5 phones.

Q: Can I conduct conference calls?
A: Certainly.  Users can make 3 way conference calls right from their desk phone, or we provide a conference bridge solution that allows anyone to call into your system for larger calls.


Q: Is it easy to make changes to the system?
A: Oregon Phone Systems hosted telephone system is a fully managed solution. Included with your monthly service are unlimited configuration changes, done by us in a timely manner.


Q: Does your solution replace my current phone provider?
A:  Yes!  We replace your phone company.  We provide the hosted telephone system, along with the "phone lines" for you to make calls. Your "phone bill" goes away and you would have a single monthly invoice from us. Best of all, you never have to deal with "the phone company" again! You would still have an invoice for your Internet service from your ISP.


Q: How much does your hosted telephone solution cost?
A: Monthly subscriptions vary depending upon the number of users you require. Our services are available for as little as $27.99 per extension (user) per month, which includes unlimited calling. Please contact us so we can provide a customized quote for your exact phone system needs. 


Q: What about the "phone box" in my wiring closet? Why rent when I can own?
A:  That is the part you never have to replace again! Gone are the days of having to purchase an expensive phone system, pay the phone company for phone lines, and pay a "phone guy" to come out to make changes, etc. Your current phone system can be removed and recycled.  In the past, companies usually purchased phone system hardware at a large capital expense and owned it for a long period of time; a fixed set of phones and capacity was purchased and it needed upgrading (at an additional capital expenditure) as the company grew. Think about it. Buying a phone system is like buying a car. Just a few short years after the purchase of a premise based phone system, it's out of date and worth just pennies on the dollar. You don’t want to waste your precious capital on hardware, software, and professional services. Especially when the quality, reliability and business continuity of our Hosted telephone system rivals traditional high-end enterprise phone systems.


Q: What areas of Oregon do you service?
A: We provide service in the Portland, Eugene, and the Salem areas.

503-994-VOIP (8647)

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