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Our Solution

Save Money

Traditional phone systems are expensive. Installation is labor-intensive and involves the placement of physical wires throughout your organization. With a traditional phone system, you have to estimate your own usage for the long-term and ensure enough lines are installed to accommodate growth, which means you pay for lines (and maintenance on them) that could go unused for years. These pain points are eliminated with hosted phone systemsthe set-up and programming costs are far less, and you only pay for the lines you need. And with many systems, the only up-front capital expenditure is for the actual phones employees will use. 

Scale Easily

A hosted phone system helps you avoid paying for installation of lines that you may or may not use in the future. Hosted phones systems scale up or down easily. Your phone system can grow one phone at a time, or 100 phones at a time. Adding lines to a hosted phone system is quick and easy. This is true even if you open an office in a different location, because the hosted phones you add become part of your existing system. If you hire remote or telecommuting employees, you can install a 'soft phone' on the employee's mobile phone or home office. Rather than taking days to add new users, Oregon Phone Systems will add users to the hosted phone system in a matter of minutes.

Easier Moves

Moving your office with a traditional phone system is fraught with complication and can take a long time. With a hosted solution, your phone system and its features are in the cloud, so there's no need for consistent on-site management. Moving offices, adding, or subtracting users can be administered remotely, and rather than wait for the service provider's truck to arrive, you simply pack up the phones and take them with you. Once your new broadband service is up and running, you're ready to receive calls. As you might imagine, moving a hosted phone system is much less expensive than moving a traditional phone system, keeping your total cost of ownership far lower.


The standard features you expect from traditional phone systems, like call waiting, conference calling, and caller ID, are all standard on hosted phone systems. Hosted systems have many more features, including auto attendant, auto routing of missed calls to your mobile phone, calling groups, call screening, voicemail to email, and many more. We manage any feature changes for you quickly and easily. Your company may have multiple branches in different locations, but your hosted phone system works as if everyone is gathered in one place.


​Convenience, cost and features wouldn't mean much if hosted phone systems weren't reliable, but they are extremely reliable. Have you ever worked where a traditional phone system failed? It may have taken days for the system to be up and running again--days when your competitors were busy scooping up your customers. Hosted phone systems are run from the cloud, with geographic redundancy, so if an active server goes down, the system is instantly connected to a working site. This change can happen so quickly, your business may not even notice. Furthermore, you don't need an IT expert on staff to maintain your hosted phone system. If there's a problem, we take care of it from wherever we are, providing you with continual service.



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